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Bricks and Stones Gossip was founded in May 2005. We will be blogging
now for about 5 years OMG! We love celebrity gossip and photos. Bricks and Stones Gossip currently has four editors:

1.) Bricks and StonesEmail

2.) Johnny FreeEmail
Hey what’s up I’m John and I live in Los Angeles aka La-La Land. I was born in
New York City and moved to Cleveland when I was five, grew up there and
moved to LA in 2008. For some reason I am a straight guy that is totally
addicted to celebrity gossip and I love to write, so it made Bricks and Stones
a no brainer! I have been writing for the site since 2007. When not writing for
the blog, I have had a vast array of jobs and side-jobs including being a
mechanical R&D engineer at a major car company, touring with a rock band
and currentlyI work in audio post production (see my IMDB link below!)
I also teach part-time at the Los Angeles film school.
Thanks for checking out my profile! IMDB

3.) Broksgrl119Email
My name is Elina and I am a Jersey girl, stuck in Maryland. My job recently
relocated to Maryland and while I have some great friends who’ve moved to
Maryland as well, I still miss New Jersey. It’s definitely where my heart is at.
I love to write blogs, poetry,basically anything. I love celebrity gossip – it’s
pathetic I know but I love it. My mom used to tell me that she’d have to ask me
about one celebrity and would know everything about their lives, their parents,
their girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife – embarrassing I know. Aside from
writing, I love my 12 pound Yorkie, Bentley, who’s my son and I swear he is
a human being. I have a great relationship and a wonderful family. I enjoy art,
vacation and my brand new home which I am obsessed with designing – DIY!
I am very friendly, so if you ever have a question or comment,
please free to email me.

4.) Glambaby

5.) Krazykates

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