Chris Brown Rihanna

Chris Brown: What Would Music Today Sound Like If These Kids [He and Rihanna] Didn’t Exist?

Chris Brown Rihanna

As if the recent photos weren’t controversial enough, Chris Brown dropped a question—rather, a statement—that sent tongues wagging anew.

The R&B singer asked his followers on Instagram:

“What would music today sound like if these kids [he and Rihanna] didn’t exist?”

Well you can have two interpretations for this line:

He’s suggesting ‘no Chris and Riri, no music.’ Or that he. is. simply. asking.

Of course, he didn’t get all-glowing responses. But in fairness, both Chris and Riri have the voice. And they certainly know how to stir up some controversy in the social media world. This particular post has generated over 10,000 comments already as of this writing.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are controversy magnets, whenever and wherever they go together.




Image: Chris Brown / Instagram



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