Image: Twitter / Zac Efron

Zac Efron Kisses Rebel Wilson

Image: via Twitter / Zac Efron

Okay, Zac. We’re Lakers fans, too. 

Zac Efron tweeted a photo of himself kissing Rebel Wilson, saying:

“She’s a Lakers fan, too? I think I’m in love.”

At a Lakers game last Tuesday, Zac Efron made Rebel Wilson’s night by giving her a kiss on the cheek…or the side of her cheek.

Though it looked like a friendly kiss, we bet many girls would have denounced their NBA team just to trade places with the Bridesmaids actress.

The Australian actress also tweeted this photo—which Zac retweeted—saying:

“Half time at Lakers hanging with main man…”

Image: Twitter / Rebel Wilson

Nice exchange of tweets between the two. Did they leave Staples Center together? Nope. But it was a fun moment they had there!

Rebel was joined by a co-star, while Zac sat beside a female friend for the rest of the game. Afterwards, he was seen leaving the venue wearing a big grin and a Lakers cap.

Final score? 84-82. In favor of the Spurs.




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