Justin Bieber Tweets Shirtless Selfie Post-Breakup

Well, we’re kinda used to seeing selfies of Justin Bieber on both Twitter and Instagram, but it seems like his newest selfie is saying something else. Seems like he’s yelling, “Hello Beliebers, I’m single.”

The pop star, who just recently broke up with his (ex) girlfriend Selena Gomez, posted a black and white SHIRTLESS photo of himself on Instagram. He flaunted his Ralph Lauren boxer briefs and his manly physique, captioning the photo:

“What song is next.”

Probably, the reply of the Beliebers was:

“Who cares as long as you look like that singing it.”

Meanwhile, other celebs have been empathizing and sharing their thoughts on Twitter about the breakup. Selena Gomez’s Wizard of Waverly Place co-star Jennifer Stone shared:

“That’s why you don’t rob the cradle, because babe’s be trippin’.”

Added to this, David DeLuise posted:

“All woman should be treated with respect! Listen up boy @selenagomez,” he added, ”@selenagomez See how much fun we have! Thinking about u. Have a great weekend and remember what I told :)”

Also, Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, shared his thoughts:

“it is how we handle ourselves in the toughest situations that show our true character. Always show respect, integrity, and class.”

Well, here’s to hoping that the two still stay friends!


Image: Instagram



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