The New Face of L’Oreal Anti-Aging: Julianne Moore

L’Oreal Paris has got itself a new face!

Julianne Moore has just been named as the makeup brand’s newest Global Brand Ambassador.  When 2013 starts, you’re gonna be seeing her face for the new product of the brand called Cellular Renaissance.

Well, her personal skin-care routine is really simple—oil, SPF, and a washcloth. However, she also adds that she loves L’Oreal products and buys them regularly! The Game Change star shared:

“I’m an actual user of the brand and it’s hard not to be. Every modern woman shops everywhere for beauty, but for me it’s mostly the airport or the drugstore. It’s nice to be promoting something that is accessible to everyone.”

Although she previously endorsed products for Revlon, Moore is now happy to be joining a group of A-List ambassadors which includes Gwen Stefani, Lea Michele, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez.


Image: Wikimedia Commons



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