Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: Adele is Bigger Than Me

Lady Gaga

 We’ve warned you—never mess up with Lady Gaga!

The Mother Monster thinks that she’s being criticized unfairly for gaining weight and looking “fat.” The songstress did admit that she has been gaining weight during her interview in mid-September and since then, she began a “Body Revolution” wherein she encouraged her Little Monsters to focus on inner beauty and not obsess too much on the physical aspect. When she was interviewed by Stylist UK, she drew eyes upon another “curvy” singer: Adele. Gaga shared:

“I was acutely aware of some photos on the internet — my mom called me and was like, ‘Did you gain weight?’ — everybody was telling me about it, and I didn’t really care. I thought, well I don’t really care if they think I’m fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds.”

She added:

“Adele is bigger than me — how come nobody says anything about it? She’s so wonderful and I think her confidence is something I have to match. She has set the bar very high for a lot of woman. I need to be a confident woman and just say politically active things when I can that are helpful to young people.”

The Grammy-winning songstress also mentioned that she thinks women should just encourage and support each other rather than being too critical.

“We should all make an effort to be nice to one another all the time.”

Well, it sure would be nice if we were nice to one another always!


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