Alessandra Ambrosio Talks Motherhood, Diet, Pilates, Yoga

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like mother, like daughter!

Alessandra Ambrosio is on the road to pulling off a wonderful Victoria’s Secret fashion show on December, which will be seven months after she gave birth to the newest addition to her family. And, surprisingly, she’s got herself a personal runway coach! Who it is? None other than her 4-year-old daughter, Anja! The proud mama, 31, shares:

“She does the runway by herself — she knows how to do everything. She’s like a little pro already. She likes to sing around the house. That’s her thing.”

And apparently, since May of this year, little Anja has found herself an audience in her new baby bro, Noah. Alessandra spoke of the bond of her children:

“Anja loves to entertain Noah. She’s all about singing to him and just performs for him. There is always noise in the house and there is always something happening. My life is never boring.”

Ambrosio also shared that when she finds herself alone sometimes, she usually heads to the gym to maintain her hot bod. Although the model admits that she spoils herself to Brazilian Barbecue once a week, she says that she’s currently following a strict diet.

“I have been trying to do a lot of spinning, pilates and yoga classes and I’m trying to get a nice tan. I’m trying to find a minute to go to the beach to get a tan!”





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