Jennifer Lawrence is No Lollipop: Don’t Call Her Curvy Either

She just might shoot an arrow at you…

Jennifer Lawrence makes her British Vogue debut on the cover of the magazine’s upcoming November issue, where she shows off her gorgeous figure in a lacy black and white Dolce & Gabbana dress.

In the accompanying interview, the blonde beauty talks about how being famous comes with the intense pressure to be thin, and how she’s so tired of the outrageously skinny women in Hollywood… or, as she likes to call them, “lollipops.” She admits:

“Oh God, yes, I’m so tired of the lollipops… I mean, if I looked like that I wouldn’t be tired of it, obviously. But it’s hilarious, the way I’m supposedly the overweight one?”

Jennifer continues:

“Like, they got me at the movies yesterday and the caption read something like ‘Curvy star cannot wait to dig into tub of popcorn.’ I mean, C’mon!”

The Oscar nominee adds:

“I’m just a normal girl who likes to eat.”

Jennifer also talks about the fact that she was very “upset” when The Hunger Games premiered, because she knew it meant that she would no longer have any privacy. She says:

“I was really upset the day that The Hunger Games came out. I was shaking all day wrapped in a blanket.”

Thankfully, the actress isn’t as outgoing or wild as most of the young Hollywood starlets these days, so there won’t be a whole lot of opportunities for scandal. Jennifer explains:

“There’s a responsibility I’m aware of… In one sense, luckily, it comes naturally because I don’t stay out beyond midnight. I don’t really have an exciting life.”

She adds:

“You watch these little freedoms being eroded away, like being able to pump gas in peace or whatever… but it’s here, and it comes and goes and leaves.”

Grab a copy of Jennifer’s British Vogue cover to read the rest of her interview.


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