A Baby Bump It’s Not Says Avril Lavigne Rep

Source: Shutterstock

Hold on: Avril Lavigne’s not pregnant!

The rep of the newly engaged singer denies reports of Avril being pregnant. Photos surfaced online showing Lavigne with what looked like a baby bump as she took a stroll with her fiancé Chad Kreoeger in Paris.

Since then and her appearance at the New York Fashion Week where she showcased her newest Abbey Dawn collection, rumors have been circulating that the rocker and her Nickelback singer fiancé are indeed expecting. However, her rep tells the press that all the rumors are…well… just rumors.

Lavigne was engaged on August 8 to Kreoeger after meeting him in February of this year. However, a date for the wedding hasn’t been announced yet.

Well, if there’s something that the fans want, it’s a new album, and a mini Avril!



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