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Robert Downey, Jr. Got the Biggest Paycheck for The Avengers

Of all the stars in the box office hit, The Avengers, Hollywood superstar Robert Downey, Jr. is smiling the brightest.

According to reports, Downey, Jr. reportedly received the biggest paycheck, which reached as much as $50 million, for his role in the film. The 47-year-old Downey, Jr. made the most money after negotiating a good contract for the film.

Sources claim other stars who earned huge paychecks for various films include Johnny Depp, who is said to have made at least $250 million for making the four Pirates of the  Caribbean movies, and director Michael Bay, who took home $80 million for the first Transformers. Now that The Avengers is a huge success around the world, it would not be a surprise if Downey, Jr. were to make even more for the next installment in the series.

Downey, Jr., a certified box office gold mine, is one lucky dude.



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